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Prepare For Server Jump Empty Prepare For Server Jump

Post by DrKnockOut99 on Sun May 12, 2013 12:00 pm

As all of you have noticed, this server is laggy and crashes a lot. I am currently renting a server from and I sent them a ticket about the issue. Their only response was turn off plugins and limit the number of people in the server (Which basically means: Don't have fun). This is why I am going to switch to a better, more reliable server provider,, which was recommended to me by Ethereum. I will do my best to make a smooth transition to the new server so all you will have to do is type in the new IP address. The plan is to transfer the world file so all buildings are the way the were. However, plugins might have to be re added so you might have to set your home again, and may be limited of some features. I plan on switching late this month. Please tell other members who are curious to check the forum for more information. Nothing is final.


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